Muscle Heat Pad/ General Purpose


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This is a general purpose pad. It size, shape and quite reasonable heating time make it ideal for any use from sports injuries to joints conditions such as arthritis. The pad lasts hot for about 75 minutes and can be used as a cold pad as well.
HEAT IN A CLICK is a mineral natural salt solution based Reusable Heat pad.

HEAT IN A CLICK pads are Natural, Non-toxic and B phosphinol free Heat pads.
The Heat reaction can be re initiate for thousands of times which allow a life spend of years. Just soak the pad in boiling water after use and the pad is back in to liquid and recharged for another Use.

The temperature is regulated at 54C or 130F a safe mode temperature which is burn proof. The Heat pads are portable, Natural and reusable which makes them Ideal for everyday use. The pads can be chilled and use as cold pads as well.
The pads can be used for Heat therapy, pain relief, cold therapy for sports injuries and Inflammation. Some of our pads are for cosmetic treatments, Heat preserving gadgets such as Baby bottle warmers and. Camping or outdoor use pads like glove warmers.

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HEAT IN A CLICK: reusable, Natural and nontoxic.

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