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This product includes high quality, attractive and comfortable ear muffs along with two of our amazing heating pads Highly efficient in extreme cold weather.

It is very useful to the outdoor activities of all kinds such as camping , golf , hiking , ice fishing , hunting or spectators of sports , You do not need to suffer cold or frostbite any more .

For physiotherapy , it works especially effective on muscle relaxation , muscle aching , back aching , neck and shoulder achind ,Cramps ,arthritis pain, tenontodynia and etc .

Unit Size: 9*6.2cm

How to use

Just click the metal piece inside the pad , the magic handwarmer will give instant heat up to approximate 54°C-57°C . The products could be used more than hundreds times by following the instruction .

To Activate

Place the metal piece between forefinger and thumb , press against is to start crystallization . When the crystallization completed , squeeze the heat pad to make it soft and ready to use .

To Recharge

Place the heat pad in boiling water with cloth below (Note : prevent the plastic bag from contacting the bottom of the pot ) for several minutes until all the crystals are dissolved .

Warnings : In case of the inside liquid contact with eyes , flush with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes . Assure adequate flushing by separating the eyelids with fingers . If necessary , get medical attention .

Our strengths

  • Excellent quality that provides comfortable temperature for musle relaxed .
  • Comfortable and satisfy the body contours
  • Great for sports ,camping ,fishing & other outdoors sport
  • Used anywhere , anytime and no electrics , no batteries
  • Multifunctional heating pad can be used on any parts of body .
  • Can be reused for hundred times by following the instrcution .


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