Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What inside my instant Heat Pack?

A: Formula: C2H3NaO2

Don’t worry, it’s a non toxic solution called Sodium acetate and a little metal disc

Q: How do the Heat Packs work? This is the science bit

A: By clicking on a metal disc in the heating pad, a nucleation centre is formed which causes the solution to crystallize into solid sodium  causing the liquid inside to immediately crystallize and heat up to 54°C (130°°F)

Q: Will the Heat Packs reset themselves after i use them?

A: No. When the heat pack cools down, it turns stiff almost hard, this is perfectly normal..Just need to boil to reuse them

Q: How do i reuse my heat pack over and over again?

A: Simple, get a pot big enough for the heat pack you are using (or if you have kids you probably have several) you can put them all in together at the same time! Very important; be sure to use a tea towel/cloth at the end of your pot. This will stop the pad from sticking to the pot.

Q: Does the water need to be boiling or cold when i put the heat pads in the pot?

You can do it either way, but we would recommend that you put a towel in first, place your pads on top, fill with water from the tap (warm water will allow it to boil faster) if you have multiple pads in the pot, the small one’s will usually take 10mins from when water is boiling and 20mins for the larger ones.

Q; Is there any other way the packs can be reset?

If you have a rice maker..Pop them in for about 10-15 minutes this works very well

Good Tip

If you put them straight to refrigerator you can have a cold pack within an hour or two…and still have the option to get instant heat in a click straight from the fridge!

Q: How do I make it a cold pack?

A: when it’s in liquid state, place the pack inside your refrigerator for an hour or two. You can leave it in the fridge for as long as you wont to any harm to the pack!

Q: Is it ok to put the heat pack in the freezer?

A: Yes, but only for a few minutes. If its left in there two long it will activate automatically, heating up instantly but then cooling down very quickly.

If you have put your heat pack in the freezer(and forgot about it), just simply re- boil and your ready to use again

Q: How long should I boil my Heat pack for?

It really depends on the size..

Below are time guides from boiling point

Hand Warmer: 10 mins approx

Neck & Shoulder: 20 mins approx

Back-Abdomen: 15-20 minutes
Knee-Joint : 10-15 minutes

Q: I boiled my Click It Hot Pack and it is crystallizing all over again by itself. Is my pack defective?

A: Not necessarily. More than likely, the pack wasn’t boiled long enough (see above for recommended times). Just boil it again until the pack is completely clear, then remove from water and allow to cool. If it continues to re-crystallize on its own after boiling, the pack may be defective. See page entitled “exchange policy”.

Q: What if one of my kids or my pets breaks it open?could the solution inside harm them?

A: The liquid in Heat in a click Packs is a non toxic solution called  sodium acetate (a compound made from vinegar and baking soda) and water. The main flavouring used in making salt-and- vinegar potato chips is sodium acetate, to give an example. Heat in a click packs are environmentally safe, non-toxic &…

Q: Can the Heat in a click Packs leak if they are pierced with a sharp object?

A: Yes. Try not to use any thing sharp when you are taking out of a pot of  boiling water(Be very careful ,use a big spoon)

Q: What if there is something defective with my Heat in a click pack?

A: See page entitled “exchange policy”.

Q: Can I boil my Heat  Pack in the microwave?

A: No. There is a metal disc inside the pack and could cause damage if placed inside a microwave.

Q: Is the temperature of the heat Packs safe? Could it burn me?

A: The packs will heat up to 54 degrees centigrade. This is typically a perfectly safe temperature and is the same temperature used in hot rock massages. definitely much Safer than an electric heat pad. If you have particularly sensitive skin, be sure to place a towel or cloth between your skin and the hot pack.

Hot Tip-put a towel or some cover around your heat pack and it will keep warm for a good bit longer!

Q: How many times can really use my heat in a click packs?

A: Truly, as long as you take good care of it..There is no limit to the number of times it can be used! That’s why we offer a life time warrantee( see our exchange/warrantee section

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