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Clic Heaters

Hi!    Welcome to Heat in a Click Ireland

We hope you enjoy viewing our instant heat pads.They really feel and work even better than they look! As a family run business based in Cork, it was very important to us from the out-start of our business venture that we had a product that was very reliable,affordable and was very user friendly! These heat pads  will work wonders with aches and pains or help relieve the stress that comes with a busy work load..They are both therapeutic and a great comfort product that you can use over and over again.. Kids absolutely love them!(that’s why we have a special range for kids! (they tend to call them clickies!)

They also make ideal gifts for all lifestyles of any age!

Our Commitment to you the consumer and retailer is we will deliver a high quality heat pad at a very competitive price ,we will endeavour to bring you new and exciting products on a consistent basis ,we will be working closely with a range of medical professions ,this will allow us the opportunity to  devise new products if and when the opportunity  arises.

As a small family Business with the backing of an international company,we can give our Promise and commitment that we will ship all orders with in 24 hours and arrive them anywhere with in Ireland 2-4 business days.

All of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty that if for any reason your product fails to work, we will replace it for you.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this,we look forward to your first order!

Yours faithfully

Linda O’Mahony

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